About Us

Tasmanian Owned & Operated

When Brandon and his family relocated to Tasmania in 2016 they fell in love with this beautiful state. They are locals and they are in it for the long-term. A growing trend in dentistry and medicine is “corporatization”, practices owned and operated by business people, not healthcare providers. You might think it is good for a dental practice to be able to draw on the resources of a larger corporation, but the practical result is poor quality healthcare, high staff turnover, profit-driven treatment options, and a lack of commitment to ethical care. Patients DO NOT win in corporate medicine.

Community Outreach

Local Community – We relish our strong ties to our local community, especially local clubs and sports.

Charitable Giving – We are committed to giving back to our community. We give a portion of all our profits to charity and do pro-bono work as often as possible. Dr. Krapf’s experience on a dental outreach in Nepal in 2013 was life changing. The team will devote time each year to volunteering within Tasmania, on the mainland, or (someday) overseas.

Backing Our Work

We work with each patient to devise the treatment options that are truly best for YOU. Because we think long-term, we want the world’s happiest patients. Medical indemnity providers frown upon the word “warranty,” but we CAN say that we have a sincere commitment to doing beautiful work and backing it up over time. Word travels quickly in Tasmania and our honour is on the line. Our entire team lives locally. We are your friends and neighbours, and we want to see you happy.

Safe & Secure

From the first thing we do each morning to the last thing we do each evening; we are committed to maintaining hospital-standard, world-class infection control and sterilization standards.

Hospital-standard, world-class infection control and sterilization standards. In this dental practice, every nurse who touches an instrument either has their Certificate III in Dental Nursing or is training hard to get one. We go far beyond the minimum infection control requirements because impeccable infection control is a badge of honour to us. But, in the digital age, it is not enough to keep your body safe and secure. Trusted Smiles was born with your privacy and the security of your sensitive information front of mind. Brandon’s wife, Jasmin Krapf, has more than 15 years of experience in leadership roles in information security in the banking and insurance sectors. Her impact on the founding of the practice has meant that our website, emails, practice management software and many other critical infrastructure tools are all guarded by the highest possible levels of information security. We work hard to keep you safe in the most comprehensive sense.