Patient Experience

Our hearts and minds are open to every patient that walks through our door.

It is not uncommon, in a state that has historically been under serviced with dental providers, for patient to come to us with chips, breaks, pain, swelling, etc. We’re not here for judgement but for genuinely empathic care. We block spaces in our book every day for patients that are in urgent need of care. We’ll do “emergency” treatment as often as a patient needs, but we always invite them back for a comprehensive exam. Ultimately, we do have one hard, fast rule: in order to join the Trusted Smiles family every patient must have a comprehensive examination. The reason that we insist on this is because we feel that we cannot possibly offer you the best of dental medicine without having the comprehensive picture. To be sure, it’s a values decision and a practice policy, but one we have because we genuinely want to you offer you the very best care.

Patient Journey

Emergency Visit – Unplanned treatment because life happens

Comprehensive Examination – When you’re ready, we support you comprehensively

Treatment Plan – Based on your goals and financial resources

Long-term Maintenance – We’re your long-term partner for a beautiful smile and great oral health

Diagnosis & Treatment Planning

Have you ever been to a dentist and started having some work done only to find you need more work… And more work… And more work? We take a lot of time with you right at the beginning so that we can identify any issues and help you plan for your long-term health. We agree on a plan TOGETHER, we agree on fees TOGETHER, and there won’t be any surprises you weren’t warned about. We use state of the art equipment to give us accurate imaging and understanding of possible challenges to your oral health.

Preventative Care

Many people think of preventative care only in the context of treating children. We as a team work together for the succusses of maintaining a healthy mouth. Cleaning tips and tricks, protective agents applied at home and in the dental practice, fissure sealants and many other dental treatments certainly do prevent children from developing problems. However, that same logic applies equally to adults, and should always be considered the cornerstone of dental care. Our hygiene team is the best in the business and will support you every step of the way.

Long-Term Maintenance Care

Once you join our practice family, we’d like to solve your pressing problems and then help you for the long-term. We are your oral health partners over a lifetime. The old adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, is never truer than in health care. Come see us twice a year to keep your smile beautiful and your mouth fit and healthy.

Emergency or Unplanned Visit

Unfortunately, things happen which you don’t plan for – broken tooth, infection, tooth pain etc. This is often when people call us to come in. This is called an “Emergency Visit” and we will set aside time every day to deal with emergencies that pop up.

Anxiety Management

This scene plays out across dental practices around the world every day… The dentist arrives at reception, smiling and happy to be meeting a new patient. However, the patient looks up with eyes plainly showing apprehension, anxiety, and fear. If YOU feel anxious, you are not alone. We get it! We want to help you feel safe and comfortable to have dental care. We utilize a combination of the world’s friendliest team, patient and caring clinicians, procedural techniques (painless numbing) behavioural management, anxiety-reducing pharmaceuticals, and frequent general anaesthetic lists. Please give us a try and see if we can change how you feel about dental care!

Holistic Care

There is a large and growing mountain of scientific evidence demonstrating that your overall health will be better with healthy teeth and gums. Yet, over time dentistry has become a decidedly reactive “drill and fill” profession. Trusted Smiles has open doors with a talented hygiene team and a practice-wide emphasis on preventing problems and maintaining good oral health. We’d like to see you twice a year in order to be interceptive and preventative, keeping you in peak health. In the end, this is also the most cost-effective way to manage your oral health, catching problems while they are small and relatively inexpensive.

Advanced Technology

One of the most exciting aspects of modern dentistry is that there are new, impressive technologies available every year. However, some of those tools end up not delivering on their promise when released. Once technology has a strong track record of proven effectiveness, we adopt it as soon as possible to improve your patient experience and the longevity of the results we can get for you. We have a state of the art, radiation-facility grade xray machine capable of taking full-mouth 2D (OPG), full-field 3D (CBCT), and cephalometric (orthodontics) x-rays. We have a scanner that create a 3D colour picture of the inside of your mouth; a much cleaner and easier way of getting an accurate model of your mouth.