Mission & Values

“We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?”

– steve jobs
Steve Jobs portrait

Our Mission.

For the Trusted Smiles team, this dental practice is not just our current place of employment, but our future legacy. Our mark on the world. Our “dent in the universe”. We get up every day and come to face great challenges with a smile on our face because we believe with all our hearts that a small country dental practice can be a vehicle for change in all the lives it touches.

On the surface, we deliver oral health care like any dental practice. But, our ambition is grander; we are here to change people’s lives. Of course, that can happen with something flashy like “smile makeover,” “All-on-Four,” or any major treatment, but it can equally happen with a much-needed hug or a hand held with sincere concern in a trying moment. We push ourselves to the very brink trying to master our technical craft, but our greatest skill is empathy. Everything we do, we do to serve our patients, our teammates, our families and our friends.

This mission statement sets our framework, but our Core Values document delves deeper into what we believe. It is a living, breathing document. We refer to it daily, and we adjust it as our beliefs evolve. Please take a minute to read it and see if it resonates with you. To become our patient is to join our family. We would be delighted to have more patients who believe what we believe, and we hope we have a long and fruitful relationship ahead.


We genuinely care about our patients. The golden rule guides all we do.

Integrity is at our core.

We do beautiful dentistry.

We get better every day.

We are tortoises, not hares.

We help our teammates grow and develop.

We’re honest with patients, even when it’s hard.

We have a growth mindset.

We lead from the front; we’re first into the fray.

We are generous to our patients and our teammates.

Our fees are fair. We strive to make our fees as low as possible, but only as low as they can go without compromising on service,  materials, facility, training, or  team.